The Stone and The Circle


“And one fine day, the voices of the wild natural world broke through the noises of our old worn out stories, calling on us to gather and remember that we are part of an intelligent and sacred circle of collective life.”

Come in and look around! Find stories or pictures that ignite the memory of your long forgotten wisdom and power. Discover possibilities for heart-to-heart contact, connection and growth that you may long for but not know how to access. Learn ancient tools and technologies passed on to us by the keepers of the Andean wisdom traditions at this exciting time of human evolution.

The Stone and The Circle provides traveling companions, guideposts, way stations and maps for this life journey in the form of workshopstraining courses and healing sessions.

The Stone...

Stones have a particularly meaningful and useful place in the work we do at The Stone and The Circle. Used to carry information and for many healing purposes, they are highly valued in the Andean wisdom traditions which we honor and teach.

The Circle...

Circles represent surrounding, a form that has no end. Gathering in circles allows us to experience safe and warm containers for the work that we do. We also use circles of stones to create personal and group mandalas (sacred diagrams formed by our intuition) on the mother earth herself in order to effect deep personal transformations in our lives.


Who We Are

As shamans and healers, we create transformative experiences of connection and community…

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Upcoming Events

The Power Within—Fall 2017

The Path of The Wisdom Mesa
New Class forming—Spring 2017
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Notes from the Road

Laury shares her journal of non-ordinary experiences on the path traveled by a modern-day shaman…

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